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ELCE Segovia (School of Language and Culture) is dedicated to teaching Spanish for international people in the city of Segovia. The school offers culture courses and activities to choose, for teen, young and adults, in order to learn and… ¡Live Spanish!
Choose the modality that you prefer: with your teacher’s home, host families, shared apartment with other classmates, dorm or hotel.
Sport, culture and leisure activities to proof your Spanish knowladge.
Business, legal, healthcare, hospitality English and much more. Take your chance through ELCE Segovia to get excellent results with language immersion programs for workers and professionals.

What’s going on segovia?

Learn Spanish in Segovia

Globalization leads us to live in a multilingual and multicultural world where Spanish is the second most spoken language. Over 495 million people speak Spanish that is the official language in 21 countries, so knowing Spanish will help to unfold without difficulty when you visit any of them.
Segovia is a great place to learn the language thanks its pure Spanish, its attractions and strategic geographical location to meet other attractions, Segovia is close to Madrid (25 minutes by train and less than an hour away by motorway), making beautiful excursions (San Ildefonso, Cuellar, Pedraza, Sepulveda ) and other nearby cities like Madrid, Avila, Toledo or Salamanca, and find the contact with nature in places like the Natural Park of Duraton river and the recently declared a National Park of the Sierra de Guadarrama. In addition ELCE Segovia offers the possibility to meet other regions like Andalucia (Cordoba, Granada, Seville), Cataluña (Barcelona) or Cantabria, Asturias and Pais Vasco regions (San Sebastian, Bilbao, Santander or Oviedo), in the courses of long stay (minimum one month).
You will not find a similar color and light that offers Segovia. It has the charm of the cities where you can stroll anywhere, enjoying their places and landscapes. Quiet, open, family and has all you need to make your stay an unforgettable experience. Besides his monumental wealth reflected in the Aqueduct, the Cathedral and the Alcazar, among other monuments, Segovia boasts a prestigious traditional cuisine and a wide range of tapas to accompany the conversation and relaxation. Segovia offers a great cultural and leisure activities: Museums, theaters, theater and concerts, plus annual events of special significance as the International Festival of Music and Dance, International Folk Festival, International Festival of Puppet Theater (Titirimundi) and etc. please everyone, including the possibility of sports (horse riding, tennis, hiking, swimming, canoeing, skiing ), workshops cuisine and traditional cuisine, music and learning ballroom dancing and other dances such as flamenco or typical dance of this city: The Segovia jack.
ELCE Segovia’s aim is work as nonprofit entity with other institutions in the development of projects related to teaching Spanish to foreigners newly arrived immigrants to Spain and know the language, or immigrants who have already longer living in the country but, for work or other reasons, have failed to learn the language of instruction well and need to perfect it. ELCE Segovia projects prepare aim to provide free training opportunities for immigrants Segovia citizens and to respond to the need to promote social and labor integration.

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We are in Segovia

Location: Calle San Agustín – CP. 40002 – Segovia
Phone: +34 921 46 32 31
Web: www.elcesegovia.com

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